About Us

Meraki Crystals is a positive lifestyle brand on a mission to help as many people as possible experience the incredible, transformative energy that crystal water bottles can inject into your daily life. 

We designed our crystal water bottles to not only keep you well hydrated throughout your busy day, but to help you succeed and live a happy, positive life. 


Put something of yourself in everything you do

Our company name 'Meraki' is taken from the modern Greek word for doing something with soul, creativity and love. In other words, it symbolizes putting “something of yourself” into what you're doing, whatever that may be. 

So be inspired, set your intention, and let the crystal's powerful energy take you to where you want to go!


Drink in the energy

To benefit from the incredible positive energy of your crystal, simply remove the glass part of your bottle and hold the crystal in your hands. Envision your goal or intention, and set it into the crystal. As you rehydrate during the day, you will be drinking in the energy of your crystal and it will act as a reminder of your goals and dreams, helping you stay mindful and positive in your daily life.



Kind to the planet as a priority

At Meraki Crystals, we care deeply about our impact on the planet. We work hard to make sure that we try our hardest to avoid using plastic where possible. 



Get the crystal elixir water bottle that will 

transform your life through positive energy!